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Monday, June 24, 2013

Selling Trailer Tires Online Now....?

With the growing push of online shopping and more people looking to save time buying tires online. We have decided to try to make it happen on a small scale with trailer tires keeping inventory easier to manage online. So for the last week I have been putting together some of the necessary shipping supplies & equipment to make this happen. Along with adding a bunch of HTML codes and building graphs on the website. The trailer tires will be offered in four of the most common sizes to start and will grow over time as I can only type and measure and weigh tires so quickly while talking on the phone with customers. We will have USPS Domestic standard shipping included in the advertised price for free and Express Mail shipping is available for additional postage. We do offer international shipping but shipping prices vary (Duty's, Paperwork, Custom's, Broker Fee's Etc) so its important you read the international shipping information page on our website or contact me by email for calculated shipping information. I am going to get a Pepsi Max from the vending machine as I had very little sleep staying up watching Netflix with my son late last night. His new favorite show is the classic Pink Panther the man with a blue paint brush episode. Have a great weekend hopefully lots of beautiful weather and good times.