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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Steel Wheels Online

Pacer 83B Black Matte Finish

Do you have a full size spare tire?

Do you have a spare tire?

Does your spare tire look like it belongs on a toy scooter?

Scenario #1 
You driving a tire blows out or goes flat. You get stuck without a spare tire. You now have to wait for the tow truck to bring you to the nearest service center. They know your vehicles going no where without a replacement tire. Do you think your going to get a good deal?

Scenario #2
Your driving a tire blows out or goes flat. You get stuck with the toy scooter spare bolted down in the trunk. You or the tow truck driver puts the small spare tire on. You now have 50 miles of driving no more than 35 mph before this toy tire will no longer be of any use.

Recommended Tip: Have your spare tire air pressure checked.

Buy full size steel wheels for your vehicle from our website. These steel wheels have multiple bolt pattern fitments which make them a great investment should you choose to re-sell them. 

Our steel wheels are priced below retail.
You could buy and resell them for a profit!

Full size steel wheels are great for
  • Full size spares
  • Winter tires
  • Cost effective replacements
We will be adding more steel wheels from our wheel warehouse to our online inventory in the next few months that have even more lug and bolt pattern fitments that are not currently available online.

Check out our wheel warehouse online

Wheel Warehouse Online

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Used Tires Online

Looking to save money? 

We have launched an online used tire market place.
Free Domestic Shipping on all orders!

If we do not have it available or in stock we will contact you within 24 hours of ordering.

Check it out