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Thursday, January 3, 2013


While walking out of the store you glance at your tires. Oddly you notice there is a bulge staring you in the face. Your first thoughts..... How did this happen? Will it go away by itself? 
Has this ever happened before? 
Is this dangerous? Is my tire defective?
Who do I blame for this?

To understand what causes a tire to bubble and bulge on the inside or outside you must under stand the basic construction of a tire. 

Standard D.O.T Tire = Rubber compounds reinforced by plies of fabric cords and metal wires. 
Why - Gives tire its shape limiting how much it will be able to stretch
Cords & Metal Swords- The cords and wires are coated with adhesives and/or rubber before the other components are bonded to them during curing.


When a tires components become contaminated during manufacturing causing incomplete bonding during the curing process this can cause a tire to bubble or bulge.
Tire Curing Machines

So my tire is a manufacture defect??? =)
Not Necessarily......Why?

When the tire was installed and the proper inflation pressure was put into the tire if it did not bubble or bulge immediately before or after being put onto the vehicle the tire is NOT a manufacture defect. =(
In some cases the tire manufacture will have a recall for tires they have tested and determined to be defective. Tire inspection of a possible defect is required. The tire technician will inspect the bead area for cuts or abrasions and the inner liner for any cuts or damages. If no damages are found a claim will need to be filed with the tire manufacture. The tire manufacture will need to inspect the tire before making a warranty decision.

" When the wires snap there is no going back "

Most tire bubbles are caused by impact with curbs, potholes and other road hazards. 
When the wires and cords go beyond there elastic limit you get broken cords. 
Fill these area's of broken cords with air pressure and MAGIC....bubble time.

Is a tire bubble covered under a standard tire warranty?

Most standard tire warranties do not offer any protection against road hazards. 
Tire warranties are mostly mileage warranties and exclude any type of road hazards in there terms and conditions. Some higher grade tires do come with road hazard warranty protection from the tire manufactures.

Bubble Trouble Summary
  •  How did it happen     
   Road Hazard Or Manufacture Defect
  • Will it go away by itself?   
    • Has this ever happened before?   
      • Is it dangerous to drive with a bubble?  
        • Is my tire defective?  
         Depends on factors written about above

          • Who do I blame? 
            Pothole, Curb, Driver, Tire Manufacture
            •  How can I prevent a bubble? 
            Always check air pressure and avoid any potholes curb or other road debris that could cause the steel cords to bend beyond their elastic limit and cause a bubble. 
              • How to find out if a tire could be defective?  
              Check the tire manufactures website or call them if possible to see if they are having any recalls on any tires. You can also check with the RMA ( Rubber Manufactures Association) to see if they have any information on possible tire defects.