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Friday, August 9, 2013

Oil And Your Tires

How Much Oil To Make A Tire? 

Approximately seven gallons. Five gallons are used as feedstock (from which the substances that combine to form synthetic rubber are derived), while two gallons supply the energy necessary for the manufacturing process. So if we do a basic mathematical equation we can start to form an estimate of how much it should cost a tire manufacture for a single tire to be produced. 
(Source Rubber Manufacture Association)

Here is my tire manufacturing math equation 
G = Gallons Oil Used
T = Tire materials
S = Shipping
O = Overhead, Electric, Payrolls, Permits Etc
QTY = Quantity of tires
C = Cost to manufacture a single tire

  Gallons Oil per hour + Tire materials per hour  + Shipping per hour + Overhead per hour / Qty produced per hour = Total estimate cost to manufacture single tire per hour

This is not an exact science.
Math was not my best class in school. 
History was my favorite.